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Certificate in Information Communication Technology (ICT)

This programme intends to equip Learners with a wide range of software, technical, and technological ICT skills required in the industry at the Certificate level. On  Completion of this course, the student is expected to develop and apply ICT solutions to solve practical business issues. 

Electrical Wireman

The course is based on primary and secondary leaver’s students who are willingly and ready to acquire electrical knowledge and skills. It is a one year training course, which trainees are imparted with both theory and practical skills. As the name implies these course deals 

Garment Making

Garment making trade is to provide the learners or trainees with the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills in Dress making, Tailoring and Embroidery which will enable them adapt to the world around them. It enables them develop practical skills and attitudes, which leads them 

Electrical Fitter

This course is designed for high school and primary school leavers, with knowledge/practical skills in the electrical field. Learners enrolled into the Electrical Fitter course are trained to install and maintain low and high voltage wiring, and to install distribution cabinets and electrical shock protection 


The beauty industry is a worldwide phenomenon and here at the Mabati Technical Training Institute, we offer a wide choice of potential career pathways in Hair and Beauty. This 6-months course introduces you to the different aspects of hair-dressing like hair styling, blow-drying, roller-setting, barbering, 

Motor Vehicle Mechanics

This course entails learning and practicing the repairing of, servicing and maintenance of motor vehicles. This course is designed for youth ranging from the age of fourteen to forty. Subjects covered: Trade theory {motor vehicle technology} Trade practice (motor vehicle practical) Kiswahili language English language 


The level requires the operator to have basic principles, knowledge and practice of safety procedures on; plumbing tools, equipment, machines and materials in plumbing works, in order to perform to the desired standards in plumbing works and minimize on production costs. Work would be undertaken 

Arc Welding

Our welding course is a practical course whose purpose is to truly allow you to learn the profession of welding in a mechanical workshop at the Mabati Technical Training Institute. This is a 1 year training course, where the trainee is imparted with knowledge and 

Beauty Therapy

Perhaps it’s your dream to become a makeup artist? The Mabati Technical Training Institute will offer you a beauty therapy qualification in just 6 months. Whether you’re interested in hair, nails, dermatology, or spa treatments, there really is a lot to study when it comes 

Computer Studies

The Mabati Technical Training Institute realized that Information Technology is a vital component  in any  given career thus  they designed the course to introduce trainees to Information Communication and Technology in Microsoft Office Packages, equipping him/her with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude to enable