Deputy Principal's Message

The office of the Deputy Principal is bestowed with many responsibilities but discipline is the major consideration in this aspect. Maintaining discipline among the students and staff members play an important part on the students’ performance.

As an institute we have embraced the Don Bosco system of managing the students. The system is called “Preventive system” which means continuous loving presence. We make rules known to the students and stay close to them to make sure they adhere to them. The corrections are instant but discharged with love and kindness approach. Most of our students come from challenging social and economic background and therefore it is important that our interaction with them is based on these principles in order to create a conducive learning experience.

Our objective is to give employable skills to the needy youth of coast and other parts of the country. If the youth are empowered the nation develops and jobs are also created, hence community transformation.

Our focus is on total growth of students, therefore we make sure they have acquired proper knowledge, skills and the right attitude to fit in the employment sector or factories. Apart from class and workshop, work, we conduct seminars, morning talks, value education and counselling for those who need. This is to ensure we get graduates who are well balanced. Our teaching approach is “on the job training” which gives students enough time to interact with the relevant equipment and machines in the industry. We have created good working relationship with several factories where we place our students for attachment. This is a major requirement to ensure that students are conversant with the Industry needs.

The school fees is highly subsidized, thanks to the donors and other stakeholders who use their resources to support the youth who otherwise would not be able to study without this support. I appeal to all stakeholders to continue with this noble Couse.