Computer Studies

The Mabati Technical Training Institute realized that Information Technology is a vital component  in any  given career thus  they designed the course to introduce trainees to Information Communication and Technology in Microsoft Office Packages, equipping him/her with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude to enable him/her professionally work with information Technology facilities.

The course consists of eight packages, which are:

  • Introduction to computers fundamental
  • Microsoft windows based operating system
  • Word-processing (Ms-word)
  • Spreadsheet (Ms-excel)
  • Database- (Ms-access)
  • Desktop Publishing (Ms-Publisher)
  • Presentation Software (PowerPoint)
  • Internet and e-mail

The course requires live working computers and certified software.


By the end of the course trainee should be able to:

  1. Understand what a computer is and appreciate the importance of computer in the current society.
  2. Start computer and manage its operation and solve minor problems.
  3. Create notes, memos, letters, school papers and business documents.
  4. Create graphs and worksheets for financial and other numeric data.
  5. Create presentations for seminars, schools, or churches.
  6. Organize data collections, analyse, sort, summarize, and create forms and reports on that data.
  7. Produce eye-catching documents such as newsletters, brochures, certificates, advertisements and  business cards
  8. Browse the internet and communicate worldwide.


The course is open to “O” levels, college students and business men with an average grade of D+ (plus) in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE).


The course is designed to take a minimum of three months


Trainees are expected to attend all learning hours in both theory and practical sessions. Trainees who don’t attain 80% in average attendance are not allowed to register for any exams.


Continuous assessment tests are done at the end of every package, trainee who attains an average of less than 50% re-sit for the test. Incase he/she fails again the parent or guardian is summoned on the same.


All trainees are legible in registering for external exams with NITA (National Industrial Training Authority). However trainees are issued with a computer certificate by the Institution upon the completion of the course after attaining at least 50% in the final exams.

Course Indicator

Graduates should be able to work in a formal and informal employment to carry out clerical duties.


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