Beauty Therapy

Perhaps it’s your dream to become a makeup artist? The Mabati Technical Training Institute will offer you a beauty therapy qualification in just 6 months. Whether you’re interested in hair, nails, dermatology, or spa treatments, there really is a lot to study when it comes to beauty therapy. 

With this qualification, the major area of functional competency is expected to provide;

1. Nail care

2. Skin care

3. Facial make-up

4. Waxing

5. Massage

6. Health and safety

7. Tools, products and equipment


At the end of the course the trainee should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate safety rules and regulations in beauty
  2. Identify and use tools and equipment correctly
  3. Perform:
  4. Pedicure and manicure services (nails care)
  5. Facial services (skin care)
  6. Massage services (body, legs, hands, shoulder and back)


 Own Cosmetic shops and beauty spa

Duration: 6 months

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