Principal’s Message

Welcome to Mabati Technical Training Institute!

MTTI is proud to be a place that meets our students at any point of their educational journey, providing them a path to success. We specialize in the teaching, and provide academic, career-focused, and interest-based programs to help our students accomplish their goals.  For seventeen years our dedicated staff have helped to change thousands of student’s lives who go on to do great things and make Kilifi County and coast region a better place.

MTTI is the Vocational College in Mariakani with an enrollment of close to 1,000 students with Customized Training division that provides our workforce with competitive skills, yet, it still maintains a small college feel in Mariakani.

MTTI is also home to an extraordinary Orchard and Garden which is becoming a destination and a beautiful community resource we are proud to host.

As MTTI closes in on its 17th anniversary, it’s appropriate to look back at the 9,500 plus students the college has served since 2005. But we must also look forward to all the lives we are yet to transform… Maybe you are an adult learner seeking a grade test, an artisan, a certificate or a diploma that will lead to a career. Maybe you are the first in your family to attend college… Whatever your path has been, trust that the knowledgeable and professional staff at MTTI are ready for you!

Our college community is diverse and includes students and staff from a variety of backgrounds, experiences and beliefs.  The acceptance and appreciation of diversity enhances our community and helps to make MTTI the special place it has become.  All are welcome at MTTI!

Whether you are a first-time visitor, a student, a family member of a student, alumnae, supporter, or a member of the local community, your interest in MTTI is greatly appreciated. We welcome your questions about the college and invite you to tour our beautiful college.  “MTTI is your college and your community.”