Motor Vehicle Mechanics

This course entails learning and practicing the repairing of, servicing and maintenance of motor vehicles.

This course is designed for youth ranging from the age of fourteen to forty.

Subjects covered:

  1. Trade theory {motor vehicle technology}
  2. Trade practice (motor vehicle practical)
  3. Kiswahili language
  4. English language
  5. Social studies
  6. Engineering science
  7. Engineering mathematics

NB: Art and sociology courses are included to enable trainees sharpen their communication and problem solving skills.

The course is entitled to at least three continuous assessment tests (CAT) in all the subjects and one internal examination at every end of term. The only external examination is done once at the end of year course.

After this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Reassemble engines and parts after being repaired
  2. Detect and diagnose faults in engines and parts
  3. Perform maintenance services like oil changes, lubrications
  4. Fit, examine, test and service motor vehicle and motorcycle engines
  5. Fit, examine, adjust, dismantle, rebuild and replace defective parts of motor vehicles
  6. Install, adjust service and replace mechatronics components of motor vehicles



REQUIREMENTS: KNEC CERTIFICATE/ SKILLED WORKER/RESULT SLIP- Form four leavers, Secondary School dropouts and Standard Eight leavers.



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