Garment Making

Garment making trade is to provide the learners or trainees with the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills in Dress making, Tailoring and Embroidery which will enable them adapt to the world around them. It enables them develop practical skills and attitudes, which leads them to income generating activities in the urban or within their locality through Employment or Self Employment.

The Garment making course at the Mabati Technical Training Institute enables learners discover how to layout and mark fabric correctly, before cutting out garment pieces. Alongside this, trainees are given an introduction to the professional industrial-standard sewing machines, where they are shown how to complete several types of stitching for assembling the finished garment.

With the guidance of our highly experienced tutor, the trainees work their way into creating bespoke garments for internal use for staff working at the Mabati Rolling Mills plant, among other platforms.

During the course:

  1. Students are introduced to professional sewing and garment construction methods through a number of garment making workshops to achieve quality and professional finish.
  2. We cover cutting and making up of garments such as skirts, blouses and shirts, with reference to a variety of patterns
  3. Student will learn different methods of garment components, such as zip insertion, pocket collars, waist bands etc.


DURATION: 1 year


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