Do you consider yourself a craftsman with a passion for manufacturing, constructing, and assembling components for machinery? Then studying fitting and turning might be a good choice for you. The Turning course teaches you how to fit and assemble, maintain, and repair various types of machinery. Turning is under mechanical (production option) where one is supposed to get the skills in:

  • Industry rules, safety and regulations
  • Bench work fabrication of parts and fittings
  • Understanding and interpretation of drawings
  • Operating Drilling machine
  • Operating Lathe machine
  • Operating Milling machine
  • Operating Shaping machine
  • Operating Drilling machine
  • Machine maintenance (disassembling, repair and assembling of the machine)


By the end of the course the learner should be able to:

  • Follow and perform and the safety practices.
  • Be able to fabricate components to be done on the bench.
  • Be able to interpret and draw technical drawings.
  • Be able to operate machine components on the;
    1. Lathe machine
    2. Milling machine
    3. Drilling machine
    4. Shaping machine and
    5. Grinding machine
  • Be able to perform machine maintenance

Benefits after Graduation:

A graduate under fitter turner is highly marked person in the industrial field. Since all the production equipment are machine.

  • It’s a carrier subject where one can be employed as:
    1. Mechanical maintenance technician
    2. Lathe operator
    3. Milling operator
    4. Shaping machine operator
    5. Drilling machine operator
    6. Draft man
  • One can open his own company for production and maintenance.
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